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Personal Care

Personal care encompasses a number of things from looking after pets to getting out of bed. There are a range of everyday tasks that we can provide support with. 

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Night Time Assistance

We can look after service users while they sleep with sleep-in assistance and awake assistance.   

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Medication Intake

Ensuring that service users take their medication in the right doses at the right times is critical, and we can help monitor the servicer user's intake. 

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Eating Assistance

We can prepare meals, make sandwiches and assist in eating. We can heat simple microwaved meals, but cannot cook meals. 

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Day to Day Support

We can provide general support and companionship, from making cups of tea, to being a friend to the service user.

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Personal Care

As people grow older, some people may find it increasingly difficult to carry out the daily tasks that are essential for living. If loved ones are not in the vicinity then the only course of action would be an elderly residential home. This runs contrary to what most people want, with the vast majority of people hopeful of staying in their homes as they grow old.

At Johnston's Home Care we aim to facilitate this by providing the essential help and support that will allow elderly people to stay in their own homes. We realise just how important independence and freedom are to everyone and we aim to provide service users with as much choice as possible. Elderly domiciliary care is now an increasingly popular choice and gives people real flexibility. If you would like to know how our elderly home care services in Enfield and North London work, please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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Physical Disabilities Care

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury or accident you will want to regain your independence as soon as possible. Part of that process is re-learning how to complete the day to day tasks critical to everyday living. Our expert carers will provide just the right level of support that will allow you to comfortably carry out tasks, but that will also allow you to regain the independence that is critical to your recovery.

Alternatively, if you require ongoing support and assistance, we also provide this at Johnston's Home Care. Whatever disability you have, we always provide total compassion, care and kindness.

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Mental Health Care

The service users with mental health issues we care for, encompass a wide range of conditions. We can provide effective support that will help service users lead happy, content levels. We always make the wellbeing of the service user our number one priority, and we do our best to make the lives of service users as easy as possible.

The care that we provide is contingent on the needs of the service user. Perhaps the service user needs just a few hours per week, or maybe extensive daily assistance is required. Whatever is the case, we will work with all parties to create provisions that will ensure the service user is totally cared for. If you are considering home care support in Enfield, Walthamstow and Barnet, please get in touch.

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