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home care enfield
home care enfield


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At Johnston's Home Care we provide high quality support and domiciliary private care for the elderly and people with disabilities. All of our staff are stringently trained, vetted, experienced and always provide care that is compassionate and kind. We understand the importance of the service users' independence, and we work hard to maintain that by empowering and helping the service user to manage their day to day tasks in a way that preserves their dignity.

The service user may need a few hours a week, or may require daily assistance, whatever is the case we will work with all parties to design a care package that will ensure that the service user's wellbeing is always maintained. If you would like more information about home care in London, Essex and Hertfordshire please get in touch with us at Johnston's Home Care.



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What We Provide


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Personal Care

For those aged 18 and over, we can provide support and assistance with daily tasks such as shopping, taking medication and general companionship. Personal care can encompass a range of services, but in each case, we do our best to preserve the independence and freedom of the service user.

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Physical Disabilities Care

We work with a number of service users with physical disabilities and those in pre-operation and post-operations. Whether the service user requires temporary assistance or has a severe disability which requires ongoing attention, our experienced carers are here to provide quality care and support. In every case, we appreciate how important it is to maintain the dignity of the service user.

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Mental Health Care

If you have a loved one with a controlled mental health issue, we understand how challenging it can be to manage such an illness. Our carers can help with food preparation, night time assistance and medication and ensure that the service user is well looked after.

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All of our carers have extensive experience caring for the elderly and those with mental and physical disabilities. In some cases, our carers have experience in the decades. You can be sure that our carers have looked after all types of service users in all kinds of environments, so you can be sure that our carers will always provide high quality care whatever the circumstances. For further details about home care in Enfield and how we can help, please get in touch.

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Good quality care is not just about delivering a service, but about providing companionship. All of our carers love what we do at Johnston's Home Care. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping service users and supporting them in making the most of their day. Whatever help we provide; we'll always provide it with a smile!

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If a service user needs our domiciliary care, then it is likely that the service user values their independence if they wish to stay in their home. We appreciate this, and we will always do everything we can to preserve independence and dignity. We want to empower the service user and help them to achieve a healthy and functioning life.


If you would like home care in London, Essex and Hertfordshire please get in touch with us at Johnston's Home Care, for further details as to how we can help. 



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